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Simple Sites Web Design can look after everything you need for your simple website!
Domain Names
If an online presence is new for you, then one of the first steps is to get your own domain name. A domain name allows people to get to your website by typing in "" or "" - or both! Domain names are very inexpensive to register and renew , so many businesses have more than one. Click here for current domain name pricing!
A domain name should be simple, easy for people to remember and ideally reflect your business name. It can also be configured with your email, which adds professionalism to your correspondence - you can have "".
Responsive Website Design (Mobile Friendly)
I offer Responsive Web Design in all Simple Sites built since 2015. This allows websites to automatically reformat to display well in a smart phone and then display as usual in tablets and computers. This is very important because Google has "demoted" the ranking of websites that it deems not to be Mobile Friendly!
Website Design
By charging by the web page instead of by the hour, you maintain complete control of how much your website will cost. ALl my fees have all taxes included. Since a page could theoretically scroll indefinitely, I define a page as the information that prints out to a regular piece of paper. Click here for current web design pricing!
Even if you decide to start off with only one or two pages, each page will be fully search engine optimized. I build each website for expansion, so as your business grows, your website can also. Although I don't offer a full shopping cart service, I can offer tie ins with credit cards and PayPal using secure web forms (256 bit TLS encryption). Or you can have a simple order form on your website and when you receive an order, you just send out a PayPal invoice or a request for Interac eTransfer. If you are a crafter, you can consider Etsy which gives you a full shopping cart experience at minimal cost that can be fully tied in with your website. Click here for an example of my husband's Etsy shop integrated into a Simple Site page - very powerful and practically free!
Each website is tailored to your needs and I will work with you throughout the 1 month development phase until you're happy with the end result. For your website content - I will need you to email me the text, logo and and image files you would like to have on your website. There are small additional fees for the extra time required for creating forms, photo scanning and customizing images (adding or removing people/objects, edge treatments, watermarking, etc) and any stock photography I provide for your use on the website.
Social Media
Each website I create is optimized for social media. It can have the ability to link with your Facebook/Twitter/Google+, or LinkedIn page and I usually add "Like", "Share" or "Recommend" buttons to your menu bars as well.
Site Tracker
Each website I build will have a built-in site tracker. This can be an extremely valuable marketing tool. You can learn who is visiting your website, from where, who referred them and if they came via a search engine, which one it was and even which search terms were used to get to your website! You can also see what percentage of your visits are from mobile devices. If you click on the site tracker logo at the bottom of any of the pages of your website, it will take you to your stats. You can request that this be "hidden" and accessed by log-in only. By default it is visible. Careful, site trackers are very addictive!
Web Maintenance
Clients should update their websites regularly. This is your opportunity to dazzle your visitors with constantly changing information so they return often! Updating your website frequently is also helpful for search engine ranking. An update (up to 15 minutes) consisting of text changes and perhaps the addition of a graphic usually costs less than a fast food meal, with dessert. Click here for current update pricing!
If you need to update your website more often, I offer a prepaid Web Maintenance Package which is a 30% discount of the regular update cost. For a flat rate, you can have 12 updates of up to 15 minutes each. You can also combine these updates to allow for larger updates during the year at the discounted price. This package does not expire and can be renewed.
Search Engine Optimization
Your website should be written as carefully for the search engines as it is for your prospective clients! Having been an editor in the past for the Open Directory has given me an insiders view of what is considered important. Search engines try to give the "searcher" what he is looking for, so getting ranked properly with them is all about trying to meet that requirement. I write every aspect of your website with this mantra in mind.
If I design your website, then your website will also have a Site Map stored in my account with Google and Bing. These search engines visit and re-index these site maps often. Although each has its own ingenious algorithm of how it ranks a website, one of the most important tips to get well ranked with a search engine is to get as many other websites to link to yours as possible. Particularly other websites that the search engines already consider "important". That tells them that you also are credible and may be what a searcher is looking for.
Web Hosting & Promotion
Once your website has been designed and is ready to go live, Simple Sites Web Design provides commercial web hosting services for a low monthly fee. As a part of my hosting service, your website will be resubmitted to the major search engines on a regular basis. Click here for current hosting rates!

If you are interested in discussing your web services further, please call Liz at 250-961-0019 or email

Pricing & policies subject to change without notice. Pricing includes all taxes.

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